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In a personal childhood thought, I recapture the moments when the Alan Parson's Project songs would magically appear on the radio (circa early 80's - obviously aging myself) ... The voice of Eric Woolfson and the chords of Alan Parson never ceased to bore, and yet today I have discovered more of their early work and it becomes new in a day when mainstream has lost melodic meaning.

The duo of Woolfson and Parson and a string of changing band members is what Alan Parson's Project was from the mainstream successes from 1976 to 1990. Meeting at Abbey Road in 74, Parson was an audio engineer which included working with the Beatles and Pink Floyd, and Woolfson was a songwriter working as a session pianist who would soon became Parson's manager by request of Parson himself.

The collaboration began as Parson would produce and engineer songs written and composed by the two, and thus the Alan Parsons Project was begun... conveniently becoming the band name. The early 80's brought listeners such hits as Games People Play, Eye in the Sky and Time.. but their catalogue is far deep and if not an early fan one could be become one in today's mainstream pop lack .. of ballads, melody, lyrics and grilling chord progressions.

On the Modsnap Radio "Baggage Claim Show" I entertain tracks by the Alan Parson's project weekly if not bi-weekly. It's always mesmerizing when something "old" becomes "currently relevant" again.

Learn more by visiting the Alan Parson website here

Don't Answer Me by The Alan Parson's Project

Freudiana by Eric Woolfson

2011 Interview with Alan Parson

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