Chucky : The Hardest Working Evil Doll in Showbiz Makes AMC His New Home..

Sure, The Walking Dead is all the rage with zombie fans ...see what I did there with AMC's viral hit? But this Halloween season, along with Michael Myers marathons, AMC adds to the Child's Play marathons with the brand new out of the box special, Cult of Chucky.   Child's Play star Chucky joins EW for Three Rounds — and a killer night out...
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Muddy Wilbury aka Tom Petty

A few of Tom Petty's friends happened to be the musical legends in supergroup Traveling Wilburys. I decided that Jeff Lynne wanted to be like George Harrison ...Tom Petty wanted to be Bob Dylan ... and those four all wanted to be Roy Orbison. I listened to Traveling Wilburys Vol 3 a lot. It's not as famous as Full Moon Fever , which has also been u...
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Winslow, Arizona: Not Just Home of the Meteor Crater!

Glenn Frey sings "I'm standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona..." in a classic song by The Eagles, and the town of Winslow, Arizona is hosting the Standin' On The Corner Festival. This weekend's music fest celebrates the day captured in The Eagles first hit song "Take It Easy," co-written with Glenn Frey's neighbor, Jackson Browne. A statue of Gle...
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