Pretty Girls Don't Need Validation......

Shortly after a Murder City Devils dismembered a girl fronting post/ punk band in 2001 merged. 2001 was a good year in Seattle. Pretty Girls Makes Graves just didn't have decent lyrics , attractive members or cute merch.... They had raw talent, emotion, and substance a teenage heart could relate to. The song  This is our emergency  , prod...
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Synthpop | Electro Spotlight: Solar Fake

​ Solar Fake is the electro-act created by Sven Friedrich, also known for his other projects Zeraphine and Dreadful Shadows.  This is a band that you definitely want to give a listen to, you are sure to listen to the first album and be hooked and hunt for the rest. In 2007 Sven formed Solar Fake, with Sven acting as vocalist and Frank Arnold a...
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