'So Red the Rose' Turns 32

Released on this day in 1985 - Arcadia's SO RED THE ROSE pic.twitter.com/BjiMQpDVQj — Duran Duran (@duranduran) November 18, 2017 Arcadia's 'So Red the Rose' celebrated it's 'thirtysomething' birthday, this past Friday. If you're wondering who Arcadia was, yet find that the band members look strangely familiar, keep reading. In 1985, after dominati...
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Solid Gold Dancers : 80' s Stage Dreams

The American syndicated TV series SOLID GOLD debuted for the music lover audience on September 13th, 1980. The hour long series hosted the latest in most played radio live music, music videos and of course "The Solid Gold Dancers". Why I chose to discuss these choreographed beings on stage, is because they were (and still are in retrospect) one of ...
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Answer Me The Legendary Duo : The Alan Parson's Project ... Beyond the Standards of Today's Mainstream...

In a personal childhood thought, I recapture the moments when the Alan Parson's Project songs would magically appear on the radio (circa early 80's - obviously aging myself) ... The voice of Eric Woolfson and the chords of Alan Parson never ceased to bore, and yet today I have discovered more of their early work and it becomes new in a day when mai...
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