Muddy Wilbury aka Tom Petty


A few of Tom Petty's friends happened to be the musical legends in supergroup Traveling Wilburys. I decided that Jeff Lynne wanted to be like George Harrison ...Tom Petty wanted to be Bob Dylan ... and those four all wanted to be Roy Orbison.

I listened to Traveling Wilburys Vol 3 a lot. It's not as famous as Full Moon Fever, which has also been unofficially called a Traveling Wilbury's second album. Vol 3 is fun and surprising with contrasting styles when Petty takes lead vocals on Poor House with Hee Haw sounds and then all of a sudden there's ELO backing vocals and some distinctive Harrison guitar.
Yes, the song Inside Out sounds just like sleep-deprived Everly Brothers at 4am ...and yet the most unenthusiastic Beatle-sequel ever, featuring a nasal Tom Petty, hypnotizes me every time

The George, Jeff, and Bob flat harmonizing leads up to a genius reveal
from Tom Petty.  I once had to put this song on repeat 5 times.  The
video is a low-key performance that is a fun watch for Bob Dylan's
grogginess and Tom's suave cool smirks.

The Wilbury's are at it again in a video that doesn't look like it was finished.
In The Wilbury Twist they give a shoutout to Puerto Rico.

You Got Lucky
It took me a while to realize this follow-up to Battlestar Galactica was a Tom Petty video.

Tom Petty the Mad Hatter appears in Don't Come Around Here No More

And it looks like the Mad Hatter makes appearances as the cosmic keeper of videos in....

Won't Back Down
And Ringo hams it up for the camera.

Running Down a Dream

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