Solid Gold Dancers : 80' s Stage Dreams


The American syndicated TV series SOLID GOLD debuted for the music lover audience on September 13th, 1980. The hour long series hosted the latest in most played radio live music, music videos and of course "The Solid Gold Dancers". Why I chose to discuss these choreographed beings on stage, is because they were (and still are in retrospect) one of the most unique stage interpretations of the 80's music we still love. 

The Solid Gold show presented us with the top charted (most radio played) pop music weekly, and in each song the dancers would pop out for the 20 second or so interval and show the living and theatric expression of each song, to this day not only amazes me but amuses in the most positive way. When we listen to some of our favorite songs sometimes we dangle in thought patterns, creating our own music videos in our mind that relate to our lives. This is what the Solid Gold Dancers did in my opinion to each song they blasted on the stage to pattern to us. 

The show Solid Gold lasted till 1988, and of course had other memorable features that today no US Music TV show has, but I wanted to remind the curious who these bands of dancers were, and how they conjoined music with drama. I would highly suggest searching high and low for Solid Gold Episodes! 

Below are the Solid Gold Dancers in well as some performances by artists on the show. 

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