Winslow, Arizona: Not Just Home of the Meteor Crater!


Glenn Frey sings "I'm standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona..." in a classic song by The Eagles, and the town of Winslow, Arizona is hosting the Standin' On The Corner Festival.

This weekend's music fest celebrates the day captured in The Eagles first hit song "Take It Easy," co-written with Glenn Frey's neighbor, Jackson Browne.

A statue of Glenn Frey was added in 2016, and Winslow, population under 10,000, is a destination for 100,000 music lovers who visit the corner annually.

And yes, one of the festival sponsors is Winslow Ford. Expect a vintage flatbed Ford for photo ops.

Standin' on the Corner Festival Info Here

Winslow, Arizona is also home to the world's most famous Meteor Crater, which is called Meteor Crater. It is a 1.2 kilometer diameter crater formed when a meteorite hit with the force of 2.5 megatons of TNT. Luckily the meteorite missed The Eagles and Jackson Browne by 20 miles and 50,000 years.

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