Synthpop | Electro Spotlight: Solar Fake


Solar Fake is the electro-act created by Sven Friedrich, also known for his other projects Zeraphine and Dreadful Shadows. 
This is a band that you definitely want to give a listen to, you are sure to listen to the first album and be hooked and hunt for the rest.

In 2007 Sven formed Solar Fake, with Sven acting as vocalist and
Frank Arnold as keyboardist. In 2008, they released their debut album Broken Grid with much a great response on the electronic feel.
In 2011 the release of Solar Fake's second album Frontiers the band was starting to be
heard throughout the dance floors.

In October 2013, the band's third album Reasons to Kill was released and by 2014, the live line-up changed.

First, André Feller joined Solar Fake to stay in for Frank who had fallen ill.
Soon, Sven asked him to stay as second keyboardist and for a short period, the band performed live as a trio.

Only a few weeks later, Frank announced his exit.

The band continued to gain popularity and on 2015 signed up with Out of Line record label and
proceeded to release their album Another Manic Episode. Solar Fake has performed at various
music festivals to include the Wave-Gotik-Treffen and the Amphi Festival.

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Solar Fake - The Shield

Album: Broken Grid (2008)

Solar Fake - Change the View

Album: Reasons to Kill (2013)

Solar Fake - More Than This

Album: Frontiers (2011)

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