This Week's Featured Remix: U2 - Lemon (Perfecto Mix) 1993

Pop Mart Tour - U2

Here is a timeless remix of "Lemon" from U2 circa 1993. Irish rock band U2 released "Lemon" as their second single off their Zooropa album in 1993, and also became one of their longest album songs. Lemon's lyrics portrays Bono's thought on remembrance through film. 

The release was inclusive of different dance remixes including Paul Oakenfold's "Perfecto Mix".
The English producer gave the song travel through an electronic vortex in respect to the orginal , which to this day is widely praised.

Paul Oakenfold's "Perfecto Mix" of the song was maneuvered on the PopMart Tour, and was played as the band walked out of their Spinal Tap-like rock prop, a 40-foot mirrorball lemon, onto the B-stage for an encore.

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Take a venturing listen below...

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