This Weeks Featured Remix: Sunscreem "Catch" (Red Jerry Mix) : 90's & Flavorful


From Essex, England the band Sunscreem is headed by female vocalist Lucia Holm and has had hits on the US Dance Floor scene since the 90's. Their first hit Love you More hit the dance floors in 1991 and was the head lead on their first album o3 in 1993. Since they have released 8 more albums, the latest being Sweet Life in 2015. Lucia Holm also has solo works which are a definite listen. 

The featured track Catch was originally to be released in the cancelled album Out of the Woods in 1997, but was tracked instead soon after on their club anthem album Looking at You, and featured the Red Jerry Mix. 

UK based Red Jerry was the founder of the well know 90s label Hooj Tunes and part of the electronic duo with Matt Darey, Lost Tribe also in the 90's. Jerry was known and marked as a legendary deep and chill remix producer and to this day still lays solid ground with much of his work, including this classic rendetion of Catch by Sunscreem.

I have also included the Original Single Mix of Catch, which in itself reflects the later 90's dance palette of which Sunscreem was well known for. 

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Red Jerry Mix 

 The Beautiful Original Sunscreem Verson

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