'So Red the Rose' Turns 32

Released on this day in 1985 - Arcadia's SO RED THE ROSE pic.twitter.com/BjiMQpDVQj
— Duran Duran (@duranduran) November 18, 2017

Arcadia's 'So Red the Rose' celebrated it's 'thirtysomething' birthday, this past Friday. If you're wondering who Arcadia was, yet find that the band members look strangely familiar, keep reading.

In 1985, after dominating the Top of the Pops and U.S. pop charts alike, the members of Duran Duran (whose hits include "Rio", "Hungry like the Wolf" and, well-known to millennials now via Netflix's 'Stranger Things', "Girls on Film") decided to go their separate ways. Spoiler alert: this was simply a hiatus.

Two out of the five band members, including DD co-founder John Taylor, joined Tony Thompson of Chic and Robert Palmer to form the supergroup called "The Power Station". Nick Rhodes, keyboardist, co-founder, and sheer wizard with the Roland, formed the Arcadia trio with the name taken from the French painting 'Et in Arcadia Ego' (translated to "Even in Arcadia, there am I") by Nicolas Poussin (1594–1665).

Fun Fact: In the music video "A View to a Kill", released in 1985, three out of the five members of Duran Duran (Nick, Simon and Roger of Arcadia) are working against the other two members (John and Andy of Power Station) including Andy busting Nick's camera, along with his ear drum and John shooting a camera which is being monitored by Roger from his creeper van. Life imitating art?

Simon, Nick and Roger would trade their blonde locks for a more goth/glam look by dying their hair black and spending a fortune in the eyeliner aisle. However, the band was not purely image without substance. A few special guests on the album included: Sting, David Gilmour, Grace Jones and Herbie Hancock. The album's synths are extraordinary, especially the last track, "Lady Ice", sounding nearly mystical and enchanting. Their hit "Election Day" climbed to #6 on the US charts. The album is every obscure New Wave aficionado's utopia.  

The two co-founders, John and Nick, made amends to produce 'Notorious', released in 1986, their first studio album since disbanding. Much to every Duranie's delight, the five original band members reunited in 2003. Duran Duran rarely perform anything from their 'So Red the Rose' years, while letting 'bygones by bygones', with the exception of guitarist, Andy Taylor, who left the band in 2006 for the second time. But really? I mean who really gives a damn for a flaky bandit?

While Duran Duran continues to stay relevant, with the release of their latest album "Paper Gods", the band Arcadia may be gone, but should never be forgotten (1985-1986).

​Listen to 'El Diablo' by Arcadia from the album, 'So Red the Rose' on Modsnapradio.com or download the app 'ModSnap Radio'.

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