Lj Guru - Back To Old School : House , Tech-House

  Lj Guru delivers a very cool tune in the grooviest way possible. This track doesn't need an explanation, its pure House Music that everybody will understand. The deep and sultry beat, pleasant bassline and cool vocals are perfectly balanced. Its infectious and uplifting... Lj Guru is an italian Dj, record producer, remixer and CEO of his own...
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The Beatangers & Boogie Vice - Good Girl EP

​ Nicolas Dujardin and Adrien Callier are the guys behind the street inspired House music production project: Beatangers. The French pair began crafting the Beatangers vibe early 2013 combining their mutual passion for heavy basslines, 80's vintage synthetiser, and urban sounds. Their mutual ambition made working together an easy task, while their ...
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