'Give Me ModSnap or Give Me Death!'

San Antonio Magazine has given their readers the opportunity to voice their favorites in local food, music and entertainment for 2018. In less than a year of going live, ModSnap Radio has been nominated for Best Radio Station, along with DJ D Major of the Urban Suite and DJ Charlie of the Wave for Best Radio Personality.

ModSnap Radio (KMOD-DB) is a digital radio station streaming, reminding their listeners that they are 'always free and always different 24/7'. Listeners do not have to worry about an extended interruption in programming, due to radio tower issues. ModSnap Radio consists of live DJs who play fresh music, without overlooking the classics of their genre. Music heard on ModSnap Radio range from New Alternative & Indie, Electronica, Reggae to New Wave, Dark Wave... "and everything else in between", giving listeners the freedom of choice. The purpose of ModSnap radio was to provide non-commercial music programming, while providing underground artists with a safe haven to promote their new and original music. KMOD consistently supports local and indie artists. 

ModSnap has surely made an impression on listeners, in such a short period of time, since it’s birth in February of 2017. It's determination to change the landscape of music in San Antonio has given fans the freedom to choose what they want to hear, in hopes of sparing them of the pre-recorded shows on the terrestrial dial. As a digitally streaming station, San Antonians can enjoy ModSnap Radio (KMOD-DB) wherever they are, using the smartphone app, available for IOS and Android, or through apps like TunedIn. 

Vote for 'ModSnap Radio' for Best Radio Station. Listen now and vote daily until December 31st!



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