Lj Guru - Back To Old School : House , Tech-House


 Lj Guru delivers a very cool tune in the grooviest way possible. This track doesn't need an explanation, its pure House Music that everybody will understand. The deep and sultry beat, pleasant bassline and cool vocals are perfectly balanced. Its infectious and uplifting...

Lj Guru is an italian Dj, record producer, remixer and CEO of his own record company "Lemon Juice Records" founded in 2016.

After being more than 25 years in the music business, Lj Guru evolved

as one of the most innovative and charismatic personality in the electronic music scene.

​With these characteristics and his unique style, Lj Guru was able to perform in the most fashionable clubs in Thailand, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. He also had the chance to share the stage with artists like: Claudio Coccoluto, Sabb, Supernova, Robin S, just to name a few.

Release date : November 19, 2017
Label : Lemon Juice Records

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