This Weeks Featured Remix : Way Out West - The Gift ( Club Mix ) 1996


This timeless track by the English Electronic duo of Jody Wisternoff & Nick Warren ( Way Out West ) portrays the late 90's electronic dance floor bliss in its owned dimensions of electronica. 

Producing for over 25 years to this day, Way Out West continues to satisfy the critical electronic ear with their latest album Tuesday Maybe (2017), after 4 previous successful albums. Their current Live UK tour begins in 2018.

1996 saw the release of "The Gift" which samples Joanna Law's "First Time Ever" which was a well received cover of Roberta Flack's 1972 song.
The Original  breakbeat / house version appeared on their first album Way Out West in 1997. The Club mix as featured here, brings forth the late evening club dance floors of the mid to late 90's, with it's dramatic build tuned continually in catchy bass lines and melodic reverie with Joanna Law's One line sample reminding us about the ".... Moon and the stars are the gifts you gave".

The Club Remix by Way Out West themselves compliments the original in a raised theatrical level , and lays tireless to this day in my audible library , hope it will for you.

Way Out West Online:

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