Anything Box : Unknown Destinations (Demo Tape) - Released


As soon as I heard this was released on December 1st, 2017 I scurried to the link to purchase and download the RARE Anything Box Demo "MixTape". Anything Box, a group originally from Paterson, New Jersey formed in 1986 and has released over 15 albums up till 2015 ( "Volume One 1988 - 1989" ).  They are best known for their hit "Living in Oblivion", but have a large catalog of great songs for many a mood and moment. "Unknown Destinations" is a rare audio glimpse at tracks prior to their first album "Peace" and finds pleasantry to the ear in a new release of unheard work. Highly recommended  .. Below is a track "World Without Love" from their "Worth" Release from 1992.

Download the Unknown Destinations Album Here

Anything Box Website

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