Lana Del Rey : Dancefloor Tribute by Dj Boi of Doom

Written by  Jacob Flores

The thriving Alternative and Indie scene in San Antonio boasts a number of evening club and stage events for even the most particular of listeners. An upcoming Saturday evening at the Local Amp Room has Local DJ Boi of Doom conjuring up an influenced dancefloor night by the cinematically aesthetic music of American singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey. We decided to sit down with Chris Estrada (DJ Boi of Doom) and ask about the diverse choice of this DJ “tribute” night.

Chris, tell us about how long you have been a DJ and what influenced you to be a live club DJ?

I’ve been DJing on and off for about 17 years now but I first got my start on San Antonio College’s KSYM 90.1 FM doing Industrial, Goth, and Synthpop. The radio show helped get my foot in the door to start DJing/promoting dance nights and it was such a crazy-different experience being able to actually see people dance and enjoy themselves to the music I played, the music I loved. I was way more introverted back then but music was the main thing in my life that really helped me get out of my shell and connect with people.

What type of music do you like to DJ? Music/band influences?

I Really love playing dancey Indie and Electronica but I can never go a night DJing without throwing in a few slower, groovier songs. Tracks like “Gooey” from Glass Animals, “When I’m Small” from Phantogram, “Ride” by Lana Del Rey. I enjoy playing the kind of music that really gets people lost in that moment on the dancefloor. Not really obscure songs but ones I’d say you wouldn’t hear most DJs play.

This Lana Del Rey DJ Tribute upon her upcoming release, what made you decide to do this event?

About a year ago, I started up a night called Crush which by design was very heavy on bands fronted by women. Lana Del Rey was one of those artists that I think stood out where you’d see people run to the dancefloor or scream with excitement when she came on. With her new album being announced earlier this year I immediately knew I wanted to do a special Crush event for it.

What influences you about Lana Del Rey?

Her music hits that combination of sexy and dark that just draws you in. I love it but since most of her tracks are fairly somber I usually have to rely on carefully chosen remixes for the dance floor.

Tell us your thoughts on her new upcoming release Lust for Life?

Her new album drops this Friday and so far she’s released two full tracks, both collaborations. “Lust for Life featuring The Weeknd” is my favorite of the two, hands down. With “Summer Bummer featuring A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti”, I’m just not feeling it. Lana’s part is fine but A$AP and Playboi’s contributions just feel a bit shoehorned in. Five out of the 16 songs on this album are collaborations which I think is making a lot of her fans uneasy but I’m really looking forward to hearing what her and Sean Lennon were able to achieve on “Tomorrow Never Came”.

Final Thoughts?

I want to say thanks to all the people who’ve ever come out to the nights I’ve done and the talented Djs/artists I’ve worked with. Also, I have to plug my new residency at The Bonham Exchange and say that I feel very fortunate to be DJing at such an iconic club. Every Thursday night I’m on the main dance floor with DJ Justangel where we’re spinning 80s, 90s, Retro, Indie, & Electro. Finally, thank you ModSnap Radio!

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Interview by Jacob Flores

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