Violetta Crush : SynthPop Sequel

Written by  Jacob Flores

The synthpop band Violetta Crush formed by Patrick and Charles Fears in 2016, has just recently finished its first US Tour. Based in San Antonio, Texas, this brother duo is no stranger to the music scene.

The punk band Saturday Nite Shockers was their debut stage in 2003. Since, they have worked on different music projects including the synth rock band Shadow Fashion in 2010. We decided to grab them away from their busy music stretch and ask a few questions about their journeys
and success.  

Violetta Crush - Patrick Fears (Left)  Chuck Fears (Right)

Where are you from?
Patrick: We we born and raised in San Antonio, Texas.

When did you start playing instruments?
Chuck: We come from a musical background. When we were six our parents started us with piano lessons. We picked other instruments later on.

When did you start singing?
Patrick: Chuck started singing in 2003 for Saturday Nite Shockers. I started singing in 2010 with Heart Attak.

Tell us about your childhood music influences?
Chuck: We listened to a wide range of music. Country, Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, Punk... you name it. If it sounds good we'll give it a listen.

How did they work into creating what your talent is today?
Chuck: We are inspired by musicians, our environment, our experiences and our dreams. It's a synthesis of conscious and subconscious ingredients that give our music an original yet familiar sound.

How did Saturday Nite Shockers begin?
Patrick: In 2003, it started with the love for music, horror, blood, make-up and devilocks.

Saturday Nite Shockers

What made you change music formats into your next projects?
Chuck: A desire to move with the evolution of music.

Tell us about the Shadow Fashion.
Patrick: Started as a studio project under the name Heart Attak and since has developed into a 4 piece band consisting of Steve Salcido on guitar, Svia Svenlava on drums, Christina Jolene on synths and I'm on vocals.  We have a four-song EP out right now and currently in the studio working on a full-length thirteen-song album.

Violetta Crush is your current music work, tell us the reason for the name?
Chuck: Spring-boarding from the vampire-themed band Saturday Nite Shockers, Violetta Napierska was Bela Lugosi's crush. Hence, the name Violetta Crush.

What direction musically is this new work going?
Patrick: EP one was released in 2016, EP two will be out spring 2018 and from that time we've been experimenting with new sounds, techniques and ideas. We're pretty excited on what we have so far and can't wait to release it along with music videos.

You have recently toured nationally as Violetta Crush. Tell us about your reception to your national audience and if there were any things that may change due to your tour.
Chuck: Every show was positive and productive. We made many new friends from coast-to-coast. Patrick and I continue networking with musicians within the electro-scene, nationally and internationally. We work towards growing our audience, so that in time our shows become a bigger and better laser-light, dance parties.

How is it as brothers working together musically?
Patrick: There's a chemistry, a bond. We both have the same vision and passion. We pretty much grew up together listening to the same influences, so creating music as a duo and touring is easy and fun.

What does the future hold for further projects?
Patrick: More touring, more albums, music videos. We stay busy, but have fun.


Alongside the Fears brothers, Vanessa Fears will be holding a charity fundraising event featuring Violetta Crush, Mr. Kitty and My Beloved Machine on Saturday August 12th at the Thirsty Camel Lounge in San Antonio, Texas. Event Link Here..

Violetta Crush Facebook and Booking Here..


Interview by Jacob Flores
Patrick, Chuck and Vanessa Fears also had a broadcast interview on Modsnap's Tanz Der Nacht show on Monday July 31st, 2017.

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