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Written by  Hondo Aguilar

Yeah, I was driving around listening to my vintage Cinderleaf CD, but I didn't think they'd have a live show. I can't even remember when, I think I started going to their shows before Facebook existed. It was fun to surprise them at a show and take a few photos and ask Cinderleaf guitarist Andy a few pressing questions... My name's Hondo, and I co-host the ModSnap show called The Baggage Claim ... I just hope I don't mess up the interview by asking any dumb questions...

Do you carb load before a show?

If beer counts, then yes.

Do y'all have to sweat so much at a show?

We'd like to say that it's due to a lot of physical exertion put into our music, but in reality, half of us are overweight. Thanks for exploiting our sensitivities.

Hey, I'm tactful. Speaking of tact: Why are you playing another show? I thought you guys retired to start farming? I've done my research. I saw your very cool Facebook photo of y'all farming.

Next show is Saturday September 23rd and Big Hops - The Bridge (downtown location). Incidentally, we're supporting our buddy who makes his own salsa with many ingredients that were farmed, bring the farming theme full circle.

Is your show more rock or roll? Please describe a recent show and use a lot of adjectives.

In a typical Cinderleaf set, the first half is definitely more rock, and the latter part of the show tends to be more roll. For example, our last show at Ventura started off with the always monolithic anthem "Loose Cannon", setting pace for the 'rock' portion of the show. As things progressed, we continued to put out rock hits that marveled and awed the crowd. However, our age tends to catch up with us mid-set, thus we are forced to shift from rocking to rolling around song #6, which allows us time to recoup some energy and for the audience to regain some hearing.

Question from Twitter: How many strings on your guitar? Please explain.

We adhere mostly to the rock band stringed-instruments standard of six strings for lead/rhythm electric guitars and four strings for the bass guitar. This standard becomes slightly modified if a string breaks during a song. While six strings are present, rarely are they all used to their maximum potential as we lack the talent to do so.

What music have you been listening to lately?

Andy is really in to emo revival bands such as Blis and Oso Oso, and he's super excited about the upcoming Quicksand record. Jason is sticking to his old faithfuls Wilco, Spoon, Ryan Adams, and Guided By Voices these days. Chris is still really into The Strokes, but has conceded a bit to allow some Broncho to be allowed into his song rotation. Kevin has been jamming to the tunes of Mutemath, Nada Surf, and Tool.

Any musicians and singers that you emulate?

Jason - mainly Elvis Costello
The rest of us - mainly Fugazi, No Knife, Seaweed, and Chavez

What's the deal with the drummer? He's always making faces.

We'll never understand that guy. He just likes to eat.

Written by Hondo Aguilar

Cinderleaf Facebook Here

The Modsnap Radio Show "The Baggage Claim" Here

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