I Love Saturday Night by Birds Of Hell

"I told you I love you, then you were sick on my shoes" March 16th 2018 sees the release of Birds Of Hell's new single 'I Love Saturday Night'; a scummy ode to nights on the town. Birds Of Hell is the work of Pete Murdoch. He comes from the Norwich Electronic Indie scene that recently brought us Sink Ya Teeth and Let's Eat Grandma. Pete is a former...
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Phantoms vs Fire presents debut album 'Swim'

  "This music is ideally spacious, while at the same time combining complex rhythmic devices with lush orchestral parts to create an ambience of balanced contemplation. This is the perfect soundtrack for your star gazing, chill out sessions or just for sheer reverie" – Big Takeover Magazine "Deep and hazy electronic grooves. Straight underwate...
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The Layered Effect by Andy Cooper

​ ANDY COOPER - THE LAYERED EFFECT - ROCAFORT RECORDS 'The Layered Effect' by US rapper/producer Andy Cooper offers a punchy reminder of the creative fun to be had in digging for breaks, stringing up loops and layering up stratas of sound. Brimming full of delightful inflexions from the world of Jazz, Easy Listening, Film Soundtracks and Hollywood ...
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Selling Your Soul To Sanity by Hegarty : Liverpool

Selling Your Soul To Sanity - The new album from Hegarty Hailing from Liverpool, 5 piece band Hegarty was formed in 2014 when David, Waka and Chris decided to record a few songs they had been working on together. Igga joined soon after recruiting Alex along the way to make the line up complete and it hasn't changed since. Cutting their teeth on the...
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Thirty Years Of Shouting Quietly by Bradford

Thirty years ago a young northern skinhead band named Bradford were very publically handed the baton by Morrissey to blaze a trail in English Indie music after the demise of The Smiths. Well renowned British producer Stephen Street immediately signed the band to his new label and the scene was set for the band, who in the words of Sounds music maga...
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As You Are by Fafa Galoure

Efrat Cohen (aka Fafa Galoure), singer, writer and composer has been performing and arranging with Asi Ashkenazi since 2012 . The musical style is a bridge between Indie Rock and multiple patterns that range from Classical, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Ballad and Punk. The songs reveal an internal emotional landscape that exists alongside the external day to...
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Dream Cycle - Ambient & Chill - Dec 7th Playlist

Join Modsnap Overnite with the Dream Cycle with the best in Ambient & Chill Electronica.  End your Monday & Wednesday nights with 3 hours of complete internal bliss @ 12am CST Playlist Dec 7th, 2017 Zehavi & Rand - Paroxetine (Hydroid's Just Chillin Remix) Schiller & Maya Saban - I Miss You (Original Version) Albert Wind - Wond...
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Anything Box : Unknown Destinations (Demo Tape) - Released

​ As soon as I heard this was released on December 1st, 2017 I scurried to the link to purchase and download the RARE Anything Box Demo "MixTape". Anything Box, a group originally from Paterson, New Jersey formed in 1986 and has released over 15 albums up till 2015 ( "Volume One 1988 - 1989" ).  They are best known for their hit...
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New Disconnect by Siren Section : Electronic

Siren Section, a two piece Electronic Rock band from Los Angeles, California. The primary members of the band are James Cumberland and John Dowling, equal contributors on electronics, vocals, and sound design, with John handling the guitar and James the keys.  Meeting in High School, in 1994 and finding that they shared an extreme love for sty...
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A Heartbeat From Eternity By Easy : Sweden

Brand new album release by Easy, 'A Heartbeat From Eternity'. After celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of their debut album 'Magic Seed' with some live shows, Swedish exports Easy started writing some new material and with their friend, producer Charlie Storm, started recording again (in Storm´s Cloud Chamber studio, named after one Ea...
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The Inka Galactik and ModSnap presents: A minimalistic dark Psychedelic Trance journey : Zenonesque

Join Modsnap's Newest Specialty Show! Mondays 10pm - 12am CST The Inka Galactik is a Psychedelic Trance project created by Roland Peralez out of San Antonio Texas,, a DJ and live act that specializes in a deeper darker progressive minimal organic groove on the Minimal Psychedelic Trance spectrum. " Less can be more, sounds should be able to te...
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SpaceFest! 2017 to transform Gdansk into East European Music Mecca (Dec. 1-2)

On December 1–2, Gdansk will, for the seventh time, host SpaceFest! – a festival of psychedelia celebrating guitar distortions, noise drones and all other weird sounds created under the influence of mysterious cosmic energy. This year, SpaceFest! is entering an entirely new orbit, with its new venue being the celebrated Klub B90! SpaceFest! has fig...
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SPC ECO's 'Calm' LP : Curve co-founder Dean Garcia releases album on band's 10-year anniversary

  "What might have happened if the former Cocteau Twins chanteuse had started a side project with members of Massive Attack following the success of their 1998 classic Mezzanine" - AllMusic "Rose and Dean are perfect together, as they've demonstrated time and again through stellar works loaded with rhythm and attitude – menacing and dark on th...
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Lj Guru - Back To Old School : House , Tech-House

  Lj Guru delivers a very cool tune in the grooviest way possible. This track doesn't need an explanation, its pure House Music that everybody will understand. The deep and sultry beat, pleasant bassline and cool vocals are perfectly balanced. Its infectious and uplifting... Lj Guru is an italian Dj, record producer, remixer and CEO of his own...
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This Weeks Featured Remix : Way Out West - The Gift ( Club Mix ) 1996

This timeless track by the English Electronic duo of Jody Wisternoff & Nick Warren ( Way Out West ) portrays the late 90's electronic dance floor bliss in its owned dimensions of electronica.  Producing for over 25 years to this day, Way Out West continues to satisfy the critical electronic ear with their latest album Tuesday May...
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In Between Dreams And Truth by Like Elephants

Like Elephants are an Austrian Indie Pop band, formed in 2014 by Viktor Koch (lead vocals, guitar), Martin Wührer (guitar, vocals), Roland Gugerbauer (bass), Christian Luger (drums) and Manuel Hauer (synthesizers). Their musical style can be described as dreamy Indie Pop with atmospheric sounds influenced by 80s New Wave/Post Punk and contemporary ...
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The Beatangers & Boogie Vice - Good Girl EP

​ Nicolas Dujardin and Adrien Callier are the guys behind the street inspired House music production project: Beatangers. The French pair began crafting the Beatangers vibe early 2013 combining their mutual passion for heavy basslines, 80's vintage synthetiser, and urban sounds. Their mutual ambition made working together an easy task, while their ...
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Solid Gold Dancers : 80' s Stage Dreams

The American syndicated TV series SOLID GOLD debuted for the music lover audience on September 13th, 1980. The hour long series hosted the latest in most played radio live music, music videos and of course "The Solid Gold Dancers". Why I chose to discuss these choreographed beings on stage, is because they were (and still are in retrospect) one of ...
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Equinox : It's Hard To Be Happy When Your Head Is Full Of Sin

Intense and acclaimed poet Equinox is releasing his powerful debut album, which features a remarkable range of artists. Each were invited to freely interpret his work and contribute music to surrounding his poems. The result is a genre-spanning release, from electro to funk, post-punk and cinematic electronica, all of which feature Equinox's compel...
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Dream Cycle :: Modsnap's Overnite Ambient :: Venture With Us

Dream Cycle : Modsnap Radio Ambient & Chill
Mondays & Wednesday Nites are never left undone. Join Modsnap Radio's Dream Cycle @ Midnight CST for 3 hours of Ambient & Chill. For a peek at the travel provided here is the playlist from October 31st ... Blank & Jones & Steve Kilbey - Revealed (Late Night Dub) Filo & Peri Feat Fisher - Closer Now (Chillout Mix) Joseph Ti - Imp...
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