The Axe6 Theory - Best in EDM with Axe6 / Kronotheory

Thursdays 5pm - 7pm

The AXE6Theory is comprised of AXE6 and KronoTheory who are a father-son duo that mix the freshest beats in EDM!  AXE6 is only 10 years old and has always been driven by music. He has been inspired by his dad (KronoTheory) and EDM artists such as Steve Aoki. He also plays piano and drums when he is not DJ'ing and enjoys all genres of music although EDM has his heart. 

KronoTheory is a Texas native with a love for all types of music. He enjoys mentoring AXE6 and working hard on The AXE6Theory, other music productions, and media projects. KronoTheory plays guitar and piano as well. He loves playing music that people can connect to and that's what drives his passion.